Kumbuk Kitchen is our recently opened, smaller outlet – located at 14 Reid Avenue, inside the Good Market shop. It serves up a predominantly vegan and vegetarian menu, with a focus on locally sourced produce – much like that of our flagship Café Kumbuk.

The Good Market is based on the idea that we create the world we live in.  We make decisions every day that affect our health, our loved ones, our community, and our environment.  If we stop and think about the consequences of our actions, we have the opportunity to make better choices and create a better world. The Good Market wants to make it easier and more fun to “do good” and make better choices for our planet, our communities, and our health. It is a platform where socially and environmentally responsible producers, services providers, and consumers can come together.

Sri Lanka has many organic farmers, social enterprises, and responsible businesses that are creating products and services that are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and healthy.  It also has many well-educated consumers that want to feed their families natural and organic food and choose products and services that match their values.  The Good Market is a place for these groups to meet.

As well as having a weekly market they also have a store, which allows vendors to sell their Good Market approved wares all throughout the week! We’ve been part of the Good Market community for almost two years now and it made absolute sense for us to open our second outlet within their space.

Do come check us out! For more information on Good Market head to www.goodmarket.lk