In August 2015, after having graduated from university in London with a degree in Creative Advertising, I moved back to Sri Lanka in an effort to realize my entrepreneurial dream. In March 2016, together with the help of my mum Dinali – we were able to make the Café Kumbuk concept a reality.

Kumbuk is the name of a tree commonly found in Sri Lanka - beautiful, standing tall and providing shade from the tropical heat. Café Kumbuk offers affordable, easy-going food to a small crowd of 30, with a focus on using locally sourced produce and crafting recipes that are geared towards healthy living.

Café Kumbuk operates on three main principles. Firstly, our affordability should be stressed. Secondly, the food has to be fresh, healthy and authentic, so we have made a commitment of sourcing fresh ingredients from local suppliers and saying no to the bad stuff including refined white sugar and artificial flavour enhancers. Lastly, we have invested heavily in making sure that every guest has the best customer experience when choosing to dine with us. 

Aside from the food and customer service, interior design plays an important role at Café Kumbuk. Inspired by Sri Lankan design aesthetic and the colonial style house in which we occupy, we decorated our space with rustic wooden tables, palms and succulents, maps and photographs of Sri Lanka, vintage light fittings and a counter with an outer panel made of our namesake wood, Kumbuk. The result was an inviting ambiance full of culture and home like spirit. 

Over three years in operation, we have had an absolute blast, meeting old friends, making new ones and delivering wholesome food and great customer service! Cafe Kumbuk's sister cafe PLUS NINE FOUR opened late 2018 - head to to learn more about it. 

We have also been blessed with opening a small Kumbuk Kitchen outlet at the fabulous Urban Island store in Colombo. Opening early 2019!

The history of our café does not end here. The road ahead is full of challenges and opportunities, but for sure none will be possible without our beloved customers. Thank you very much for choosing us and we always look forward to greeting you in person at both Café KumbukPLUS NINE FOUR and Kumbuk Kitchen.