Hi! My name is Minal Wickrematunge. I am an interior designer / visual artist based in Colombo Sri Lanka!

How did you get started?

My journey into the creative world was a long and winding one! I initially completed a degree in Business Management in Singapore and joined a corporate upon returning back home. After three years of working I realised I wanted to pursue a career in design because I realised I couldn’t stop doodling. I’d literally be doodling under the table at work, and then I realised maybe I should be doing something with this. I then enrolled in design college and just completed my degree in Interior Design at Academy of Design a year ago.

Who and what inspires you right now?

Its hard for me to pin point one person that inspires me. Instead I think its honest, often deep, conversations that inspire me to conceptualise something. But right now I’m inspired by strong female forces and energy. I’m inspired by anyone who embraces that femme energy within, irrespective of gender.

What was a challenging aspect to getting started?

I am my worst critic. I’m still so hard on myself and often its my own self censorship or second guessing that gets in my way. This is something that hindered my progress in the very beginning and even today.

Where can others find your work?

You can find me on instagram @minalnaomidesigns or check my website out at

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