Maker of the Month – Ninalu by Luka

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1. Can you please share some details about you and your life? 

My professional background is in photography which has been which has been very useful for my brand Ninalu and definitely has some aesthetic impact as well.
I have German and Sri Lankan family background which I’m bringing together in my work. I’m interested in minimal aesthetics and what nature has to offer.

2. How did Ninalu begin and what inspired you to start it? 

As I always liked collecting things I find outside, giving something ordinary & simple more attention as well as using my hands to create something - it all came together when I had the impulse to make myself a necklace.

3. Can you tell us how you draw inspiration from your two homes of Berlin, Germany and Sri Lanka? 

I love being in nature and discovering the details in our surrounding which influences me a lot. I'm intrigued bringing together minimal German aesthetics and environmental aspects.

4. Where do you source your materials from? 

The materials I use have different sources, all the silver is recycled sterling silver with the guarantee of no child labor involved.

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5. What have been the most challenging and interesting parts of your journey with Ninalu? 

Since I started I have been facing new issues to solve on a daily basis which I really love.
This can be in all different fields, from design solutions, finding a balance between environmental/moral responsibilities and making a living, to something basic like paperwork.
And the most interesting part is that they all influence and add to each other. It's all about not giving up and continuing.

6. Where can our readers purchase your products?

The best is to send an email or message as my online stock isn’t based in Sri Lanka. But you can have a look at my online shop and Etsy. Otherwise at Prana Lounge in Colombo :)


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